Shipped Orders and F4211.SDADDJ - When is it populated



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Hi guys,

I have an odd one to investigate here. Now and again some orders are not being populated with a data in F4211.SDADDJ.

I need to know what UBE will update ADDJ on the F4211 as every now and again (not always), the ADDJ remains blank after ship confirm.
This then slightly corrupts our EDI Outbound 856 when R47032 runs as F470371.ADDJ is blank. (it gets it from the F4211)

So the inbound orders come in via F47011 and then go onto F4211. They are moved through the system as shown below here.

Here is the list of jobs we have run to get stuff out of the door.

​R5747011 - ​​SCH0007 Indy SR Sales Order Creation Allow Dups (to be scheduled to create orders @ 52​3​) (just our copy of R47011)
R42800 - SCH0002​​5 ZAGG (908) - Sales Update SR Orders @ 523
​Check that all lines on each of the SR orders is at next 527 BEFORE proceeding to Step 4
R4982 - SCH0005 INDY Batch Approve Shipments - No WMS (to be scheduled to approve orders @527)
R42520 - SCH0003 INDY Pickslip Print - No WMS (to be scheduled to pick orders @535)
R42500 - SCH0001 INDY Batch Ship Confirm Web Based Summary Orders (to be scheduled to ship confirm orders @560)
R4981 - SCH0004 INDY FES Summary Orders* (to be scheduled to run freight update for orders @571)

Which one these lovely UBEs is responsible for updating that date....?


For future readers:

I found the issue. It's a manual intervention in speed status update. A user had advanced the SOs which meant ship confirm UBE etc was skipped. Hence the blank date