Shipment weights in E1



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I would like E1 to automatically work out my shipment weight.

Can anyone advise me where or what I would need to configure in E1.

I have noticed the SO F4211 lines have 2 fields ITWT and GRWT.
How does E1 put values into these fields and can I use these to ensure I know my shipment weight

Am I right in thinking it will be from the UOM for EA expressed in KG?

Many thanks


We've used weight units of measure just a little here. In the Item Master, we set up the Weight unit of measure. Then we added an item conversion factor from the primary or sales unit of measure to the Weight unit of measure. Then when the item was added to the sales order, the system automatically calculated the weight.

Hope that helps.
Yeah that's great, many thanks

I just wanted to confirm my suspicions

So the weight will be the QTY times the KG found for 1 EA back in the UOM table, right?