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Shipment tracking UPS Fed Ex etc


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Hi guys,

I've been asked to look into integrating shipment info into the likes of Fed Ex UPS etc with the bid of tracking shipments.

1) Send Fed Ex a load of shipments
2) Get shipment tracking back from Fed Ex
3) Update E1 with shipment tracking #

How do we get into out to Fed Ex
How do we get a tracking number from Fed Ex (Or do we give it to them first?)

This is from my analyst

So the problem we have is, E1 sales order has the items and ship to address and ship from address.
LPN tables have the what is in a box and how heavy the box is. How do we give that information to UPS/FedEx so they can create a shipment in their systems and then give us back the cost to ship and the tracking ID so we can store that in E1.
Later on if someone wants to track the order, then yes E1 can call Cage or whatever UPS has and pass the tracking number to see where the package is, but it is the first piece that I don't believe E1 has.

So we developed some stored procedures that UPS and FedEx call to get the shipping information from E1 and then passes back the cost and tracking number and we store it in F574943.
DSI ship confirm picks up the tracking number from there and updates LPN tables before processing the ship confirm. This is done so they can reship if need be and get a new tracking number.

I've done this ages ago
for someone else, but we just made a file that was FTPd to a shipment courier but I can't remember how we linked the tracking numbers.

Any help please?


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