Shipment Gross Weight for Freight Outbound


I have a client that is on 9.1, tools 9.1.4.
They are requiring that the shipment weight be calculated on gross weight, not the net product weight of the shipment. I have updated the depot, item, and UOM conversions. I have successfully calculated the shipment weight in gross (GW). My issue is that when I go to route and rate the shipment, I am running into a UOM conversion error. In debug, (without C on the workstation), I receive the error on P4980, and am not able to find the variable that is being passed.

Does anyone have a script or outline on shipment gross weight I can review? Or an idea on what UOM may be pulled into comparison on a shipment in GW?
Trudy Sturino


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Hi Trudy, I would suggest that you check if one of your rate definitions in one of your rate schedule(s) attached to your routes is looking for a different weight UOM.... this may not be so easy to find. If in doubt remove your existing schedules from your routes and replace with a simple schedule with just a fixed $ rate per shipment rate definition (removing weight as your issue).
If that doesn't work, I suspect that you have an issue with your UOM on your transport constants or your routes. If it does work, start re-instating your schedules on your routes until you find the culprit.
Note: There is a UDC 49 / MD that writes routing errors to your work centre (put a 1 in the DRKY code) - no guarantee that it will report your error, but might just work and just handy to know sometimes.
Alternatively, try creating a Sales Order via EDI with debug log turned on and then review the debuglog to try and find your UOM conversion error (scan log for "value is 2")...
Hope this helps.