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Shipment Consolidation


Hi ,
If anyone have experience to achieve shipment consolidation in JDE 9.1

1. With Same Order
2. 2 Branch Plant .

I need to know

1.if there is modification need to be done from Technical side ( which BSFN /Objects?)
2. Is there any Set up need to be done from Functional side.


Chan Rana

Legendary Poster
When posting question put your E1 version and TR info in post, as much depends on the E1 version you are using. Search for shipment consolidation in Oracle document and you should get what you are looking for.



Thank You Chan.

Enterprise tool release 9.1.5
Transportation /Consolidation flag is turned OFF as business need only few orders for consolidation .

Scenarios :

1. Multiple Packs from Different Shipment to a single shipping container with a new shipment number .
2. Loose Pack - Multiple shipments packed into a single Cartoon with a new shipment number.