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We just upgraded our Xe from Xe sp14.1 to sp16.1 and applied updates 1 2 and 3. We are going through and testing everything. Right now the biggest issue we are having is that the Promised ship dates, and Requested dates are cleared (in F4211) as the order is saved. This also casues the shipments to have blank dates (in F4215/F4941) as well. I saw on the JDE KG that someone else mentioned that they started seeing this after they applied ESU JD11410. I searched on this ESU, and it has been replaced by ESU JD11754. We also applied this ESU, but after we started testing of updates 1,2,3. We started having this issue before JD11754 was applied. Therefore we were getting this Pre-JD11754. We could have gotten ESU 11410 before it was grouped in 11754 as part of an update? Regardless, JDE says they cant duplicate, but I want to know if anyone else out there was seen this pop up recently. If so, whats the resolution to it.

Aaron Walsh
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Aaron, because many ESUs are cumulative, and a given SAR related code change may be in many ESUs, the problem you are seeing could go way back in time. It just gets propagated forward in each ESU if the object is "related" to other objects in the new ESU or even if there were other changes in the same object - causing it to be included in a new ESU.

So, no, you may not have gotten ESU 11410, but you probably did receive the code causing your problem as part of Update 2 or 3 or some other ESU.

FYI we are Update 1 + specific ESU code fixes and we have not seen your specific issue.


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