Ship Confirm with Zero qty on line

Chan Rana

Chan Rana

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To all Sales functional gurus, We have scenario in E1 9.0 where we have a ship confirm with zero quantity on an order line. This creates a blank line or information in XML from the Originating External system since this item was not loaded and hence has lot & other info blank (if the item is lot coded). We cancel the remaining qty on order line. JDE will still expect a lot# on ship confirm line even though the qty is zero.

I want to check what others are doing to resolving this issue and any other better alternative to handle this like Cancel lines during Sales update etc. Any thoughts?.

Chan, are you using different line types on the order, or are they all the same?
What is the purpose of the zero quantity line? I'd switch it up to utilize line types.
For some reason if the Warehouse decide not to ship that item on order they would keep it zero. The line qty would get cancelled on Ship confirm.