Ship Confirm always or never relieves inventory


Hi List,

I’m having a problem on Shipment Confirmation (P4205) in PY and DV
environment, that is when I ship confirm a sales order it always relieves
the inventory regardless of the processing option that allows to update the
inventory is set not to. This happens if the document type I’m using is in
the UDC 40/IU, but if the document type is not in the UDC table, then ship
confirm (P4205) never relieves the inventory, even if the processing option
is set to relieve the inventory.

JDE has explained to me that once the document type is out of the 40/IU, the
processing options does not matter, they are no longer in play. The
processing options are only in effect if the 40/IU are populated.

The funny thing is that it is working correctly in the production
environment, but not in prototype and development environment. The latest
ESU that has been applied to Development environment is JD9372 and a full
package build is in process. I’m hoping that this build will solve this
problem, but if it doesn’t, I really can’t think of anything else to do in
order to find out what is causing the program to behave this way. In
prototype the latest ESU that have been applied is JD8881 (April-3).

Has anyone had this situation before? Could it be a set up difference
between environments the cause of this? If so, what exactly should I look
for in the environment?

Any light on this issue will be kindly appreciated.

Jorge Velásquez
(610) 341-8300 x8940

OneWorld Xe SP13.3 AS/400
Good morning all,
Just to let you know, JD9372 was pulled and all clients should have
been notified. JD9647 is the current replacement, and to be sure, look up
SAR 4994081 to get the most recent ESU.

I'm not positive this will address the exact issue within Ship
Confirm, but thought getting you this information would be important.
Lise D. Stevens
OW MFG Teamlead