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Shelf Life Days


Hello list,
Does anyone know where I can find further information on setting up items
with a shelf life. Once I have entered the days in the Item Master, what
next? I vaguely recall a requirement for assigning lot numbers at time of
PO receipt. I found nothing on the JDEdwards web site, and nothing in the
Distribution/Logistics or Manufacturing manuals I have.
Thanks, KB


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The Receipt Date plus the Shelf Life (in Days) will establish the Lot
Expiration Date for the Lot, if you have the Lot Process Type set
appropriately for the Item.

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As for manual I would suggest the Inventory Management manual and reviewing
Lot Control section. Below is a quick description of how it works.

You are on the right track. You set Lot Process Type to 1 or greater. If
you want the system to determine the lot expiration date based on X days
after receipt enter that number in the Shelf Life Days field on the
Additional Info tab when setting up the part. If the expiry date is based
on the vendor's paperwork, leave shelf life days field blank and the person
receiving the part will be forced to enter the date on receipt. Remember
these fields are on the Branch/Plant Master. Note for the parts you set up
this way you will have to select the lot when issuing or shipping a quantity
of the part.

Hope this helps.

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