Sharing J.D. Edwards sign on's

Michael L.

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Hi List. We have offices all over the world and in some of them we have users that share their JDE sign on information to delegate or avoid doing work in the system. Has anyone had to deal with this and if so what do you do? Are there any 3rd party applications that can police this and prevent from happening?


9.0,, V6R1, OAS, F5

We have a policy that users are not to share their passwords. It is one of many to which users have to agree before receiving their user id and password when they start and every time they renew their passwords. I believe breeches are handled via the managerial structure, not via the system. I don't think we have any systemic facility to identify breeches or enforce the policy. I would be interested in how others handle this situation too.
Interesting question ;-)

Would good logging with detailed mapping of the used JDE logons to Windows user name + the client IP address be a sufficient substitute?

Or maybe using SSO? While the users would stilll be able to share logons even with SSO, that is probably going to be more problematic than sharing JDE logons alone.

On the other hand there are certainly possibilities for new tools here, so if there's solid pre-existing demand, we may just develop something new for this requirement ;-)