E9.2 SFTP - FTP Connect using JDE


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Hello All,

We have a requirement to integrate JDE with Third party system without Orchestrator. The steps will be
Outbound : JDE => FTP Server => 3rd party
Inbound : 3rd party => FTP Server => JDE.

We are thinking of approach as below. Is this doable ?
  1. JDE Outbound
    1. JDE will create a UBE R55xxxx. Read JDE tables and output an XML file on Fileserver.
    2. Script in Linux/Windows .bat file will transfer this XML from File server to FTP Site
  2. JDE Inbound
    1. Script in Linux / Windows .bat file will transfer the XML from FTP to File server and saves as .txt
    2. A JDE UBE R55xxxx - Inbound will read the txt and populate a custom table with data
Is this workable solution without orchestrator ?
What challenges we face with this approach ?
What error handling for file errors reading / writing to FTP ?
Does the Linux / Windows schedular fail ? How to handle that ?
What is a data file is bad ?


Kim Schmidt

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Yes, this is a very workable process. I have been using this basic process for years.
For reliability, if you don't have a job scheduling system that can control multiple platforms, I suggest using a "handshake" between JDE and the FTP script. A basic description of the process is: I run the E1 UBEs on a Windows server, and use a staging folder for the outbound file on the JDE server. When the UBE starts, I have it fail if there's an older file still in the staging folder and create an error warning file on the JDE server. The FTP script then will fail if it finds an error warning file, but if it's successful in sending the file to the third party it will delete the staged file from the JDE server. You will want to include a method of notifying you in case of problems, such as an email alert.
The inbound file processing has a similar method of using these staging and error warning files to keep the JDE and FTP processes in step with each other.

Good luck!