SFC - World vs OneWorld



We are on OneWorld and have a question for you who have implemented Shop =
Floor Control on boh World and OneWorld. Is there a big difference =
between them (I mean from a set-up point of view - I know screens look =
(way) different, but my understanding is that Program Numbers are mostly =
the same). Would somebody who has implemented OneWorld SFC be able to =
implement World SFC easily or would it need extensive training? Are =
processing options somehow simillar?

How long would it take to implement a "vanilla" version of SFC in World =
for let's say a team of 3 people? (roughly, would it be 3 months, 6 =
months or one year?)

Thanks you very much,


In general, Shop Floor Control functionality in OneWorld is very similar to World. The set up is the same, processing options basically the same, etc. Anyone who is familiar with SFC in World should have little difficulty setting it up in OW, once they are familiar with the OW interface and navigation.
Implementation times can vary tremendously depending on the manufacturing environment, size of the operation, single or multi-facility, etc. If it's not extremely complex, 3-4 months might be a good guess.

Tim Lyons
Computer Results Company