Setting up JDE to receipt to a default ledger account


Hi - first time user, so please be gentle with me. I am a user, not a teckie. I like JDE, but I think at the moment, like many organisations, we are underutilising its capacity - so I have ventured to the board.

My question is in my mind pretty simple.

When we get receipts (approx 10,000 per annum), we upload the bank statement directly into JDE and then allocate from there.

Approx 60% of these invoices relate to invoices, but many of them are just general receipts, which we code to one of one of about 5 different ledger codes. I must admit that for the 40% of them, I get pretty sick and tired of entering the code and splitting out the GST amount as well.

So to my question - is there a way to code one or more "default" codes into JDE so that when I receipt, I can say that $2,300 that is received is applied to code 1 - which is $2,000 to account 4172 and $300 to GST / tax ? Or would this be better done as part of the upload process ?

This would save an awful lot of work

Thanks !