Setting Up JDE Flat File Cross Reference (P47002) to run R47002C


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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to get information on how to set up the Flat File Cross-Reference (P47002) to pick up an 850 Flat File in JD Edwards. .I have currently set up: \\CLARK\Root\edipickup\flatfile01.txt in the Flat File Cross-Reference. I have set up "edipickup" in the root directory and placed the flat file "flatfile01.txt" in that file. However, when I run the program R47002C, I am getting the error message" Error: Open of file Unsuccessful. One ore more of the master files required for the execution of this program..."

If anyone has set this up so that they can successfully pick up the flat file from the IFS running the program R47002C I would appreciate any tips. We are currently on the iSeries. The steps I have taken are as follows: 1) mapped a network drive to the IFS pointing to the folder containing the flat file 2) Populated P47002 Flat File Cross-Reference for the Inbound 850 document with the information \\server name\Root\folder name\flat file name.txt.

I know that there is something that I am missing - the Oracle documentation has been only minimally useful to me so far. Hopefully someone on this forum can help me.
Hi! This is the format we use to define the file location, also on iSeries

We tried to use UNC but gave up.. You need to understand that when You run R47002C, it does not use the user-ID of the user running the UBE when accessing file system but uses the "system user" ID, usually "JDE" so it is the system user that should have access to the network folders. We chose to place the files on the Enterprise server instead...

Hope this helps
Thank you Aarto! We placed the files on the Enterprise server and bingo - it worked!