Setting up Discounts at item level.


Hi all,

I am stuck in particular scenario in my project. The scenario is that we have to provide a discounts at the item level for the tax calculation. I know how to provide discounts at order level but i don't know how to provide discounts at the line level.
For example I have a sales order with two lines and lets say one of my line should not have discount however I'm expected to provide the discount to the second line. So if anyone have come across this situation please let me know how to tackle.
Thanks in advance.
Are you using advanced pricing? You mention order level discounts, so I'm assuming so. If so, you can just create a line level adjustment in your pricing schedule.
You setup which items get the adjustment in item branch Item Price group field, and setup your advanced pricing adjustment accordingly. You can setup item specific adjustments in the same way if that fits your scenario better.