Setting ER Debugger back to Default


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You know how, sometimes, you move things around in the ER Debugger ... and the next time you open it - it looks like the last time you closed it?

Well, I move things around accidentally - and now it looks all goofy.

For the life of me (or several gallons of Mt. Dew) - I haven't been able to find the little switch that says, "Turn the ER Debugger back to the way it was shipped!"

Anyone? I know Kirby knows...


try deleting the following from the registry


In your Event Rules Debugger, in the View menu, have you checked/selected the Toolbars and Menu Buttons that you want? Try unchecking all of them, and later, check/select those you want. Or Post a screen shot to some image site for us to look at. Might be interesting to see what you have

Your knowledge never ceases to amaze me!


Thank You!