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setting data selections for P31410 and running in batch

I am a JDE World techie who has been thrown into E1 9.1. Here is what I am trying to achieve. please let me know if it is possible in E1.

Once I attach a parts list and router to my work order then the clock starts ticking against the work order's requested date. So the requested date must be correct. I have the calculated Requested date on another system (Not JDE). I would like to:

1. Update the JDE w/o requested date on F4801 via an interface program (eg wo 123456)
2. Once requested date has been updated I want to update a version of P31410 (eg autoUpdate) with the data selection of wo 123456
3. Finally I would like to call a remote procedure which would run this version of P31410 (autoUpdate) which would attach the parts list and routings for the selected wo (eg 123456)

Is there a better way to achieve this ?