E9.2 Set up payment term 20 days fixed, then end of the month




I have a supplier that wants to add 20 days to their invoice and then whatever date that lands on to be paid on the last day of that month. For example if the invoice is issued today, adding 20 days would get us to January 8th, so the due date will be 31/01/23. Another example, if the invoice date is January 5th, then adding 20 days will get us to January 25th so again the due date will be 31/01/23.

Please tell me you have such cases and created such payment terms successfully... It will be of great help. :)
Hi Toni,

yes, this is indeed a common business practice.
Using standard payment terms (P0014) you can achieve that using "31" as "Prox Day" (PXDD field).
You can obtain something similar also with "advanced payment terms" (P00145) where you can even define specific calendars.

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Hey Toni98, you can use the adv Payment Terms and set up a term using the Net Due Date with date range, so, from day x to y use the Fixed days column and if you need, use Months to Add. In case the invoice is issued in the Jan 20, you're going to have the due date as 31? Or jump to Feb? I've something similar, so when the invoice is issued after the 15 of the month, it jumps to next month and add 15 fixed days. So, all invoices issued in from 1 -15, due date is 31, from 16-31 it is due to 15 fixed days + 1 month.
Simulation is inv date 01 thru 15 - due 31. inv date is 16-31, due is 15 next month.
Hope it helps.
I have a similar request to setup terms of N95 where the due date would EOM + 95 days? So any invoices raised in January will be due 6th May.