E9.2 SET SPECIAL VALUE creating Query and Watchlist


When creating a query some data items have the ability to have SPECIAL VALUES associated with them. For example: UserID you can say equal to LOGIN ID. I was wondering if you can add to the SPECIAL VALUE for example to pull the AB# from F0092 and have it populate in the query. This way we don't have to hard code Account Managers AB# when creating these Queries and Watchlist. Anybody have any ideas........ Current App is using a UNION over F4211/F42119 and the SDURAB has our Account Managers AB# stored there. Would like to have a query showing all SDNXTR=579 for SDURAB= to the AB# associated to the F0092 USerID.


Looking for the same thing!

If there were a "Set Special Value" for "Login User Address Book Number" that mapped to Numeric fields so that we could setup personalized queries and watchlists based on non-user values like Planner Number would be so helpful and really expand the usefulness of watchlists without customizing them per user.

Maybe there is another way to to that. If there isn't then this seems like an ideal improvement and a much better DRY solution than to have to create new joined views to F0092 or whatever, plus that solution only works for a specific field.