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Hi List,
I am trying to change the grid Sequencing on a Search and Select form. I am using the system function Set Sequencing to do this.

I am calling this system function in the Dialog is Initialized Event of the form. The way I coded this Event rule is

Set Sequencing(FC Grid, BC POCKET(F56POCK),BC POCKET(F56POCK),<Descending>)

I am not able to sort the grid in descending order. Always the grid shows up in Ascending order.

What else I am missing in this.

I disabled the QBE on the grid. I have also tried by unchecking the Automatically find on entry and including the Press button after the Set Sequencing command to see it it works but doesn't work in any way I try to get it work.

Please help and thank you very much for your help.

Thank you.



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Hi Bondlela,

Not sure why your method does not work. However you could try and set the sequence into the grid itself. Access "Grid Properties" and change the sequence through the 'Data Sort' option.


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