Set Focus on a Grid column of Selected Grid Row.


Hello ,

I have a situation where i am selecting a Grid row and clicking a row exit to browse a different form where i am selecting a value and coming back to the parent screen where the selected value is overriding one grid column .but when i am clicking the OK button the newly overridden value is not saving .its saving the previous value though its bringing the new value and displaying in the parent screen grid column but not saving

1 thing i noticed , when i am coming back to the parent screen and i am manually clicking that grid column ( not changing anything just putting the pointer) then the newly overridden value is getting saved after clicking on save button.

May be i am thinking if we can set focus the specific grid column of the selected row , after coming back from the called from this value may be save.

DO we have any Functions / Logic to set focus on a particular column of the selected row after coming back to the calling form.

2. Or if any other logic need to apply to save the newly overridden value ( as it is displaying correctly the new value in the calling form after returning back from the called form )



Abhishek Chhajer

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No function available to set focus on grid column

Try below
1. Set focus on grid
2. OK button properties should be checked to go through all grid rows


Thank You Abhishek.
We have custom code and its getting updated through a custom Push button and not through OK button. in Custom Push button there is no option to go through all the Grid which will re-execute all the event associated with all the Grid Columns and Grid Rows.



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What form type is it? Debug it and see what events get hit

But I'd update BC and GC to be sure

You may have a few grid / form options disabled.