Service Pack 16


What are the rumors about things are missing from SP16_007.

I had a very similar problem.
I downloaded SP16 from the K.G and a couple of one off's 003, 007, SPX_VTX.
When I applied SP16 to the server and a client. When I submitted a UBE
the UBE would just sit there in "P" status and never complete. When
I restored the old /system (SP15_006) jobs completed successfully. Then I
tried to build a full package with SP16 on server, and client. The client
package built successfully but the server package failed on the RDASPEC.

I called the JDE S.L and we tried several different things, they even sent
me a
new .dll to try, no go... So by this time, I have received the SP16 CD. So
I decided, for the hell of it, to build a full package using the code from
the CD and
what do you know, the package builds completed successfully. Now, I still
need to
apply the one offs and retry the full package build, but the email about
files in 007 has me concerned.

XE , Intel Server, Oracle

Peter Langelotti
[email protected]


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I don't know about anyone else but I always order wait the few days for the
service pack CD rather than downloading it from the KG.

Graham Jones
JDE Systems Manager
[email protected]

B7332 SP15 / AS400 V4R4 (CO on AS400) / Fat clients NT4

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