Service pack 16


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Has anyone applied this SP?
Any problems anyone hear of?
I Need to apply this SP and I haven't heard much about it.
Thanks for any info you may have.

Thank you,
Deborah Foster
Business Systems Analyst
Akorn, Inc.
(847) 353-4935
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Hi Deborah

I am planning to do this early next week. If you e-mail me to remind me towards the end of the week I will let you know of my experiences.

Rob Boden
Technical Analyst/Programmer
Beoley Mill Software Ltd.,
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I applied this SP last week and have had no problems. This is a sandbox environment so it hasn't been hit overly hard, but in-depth testing of a few different modules has taken place.

I'm in the process of applying Xe Update 2 and have been fighting thru a few memory exceptions.

This client is running NT Enterprise Server, W2K Deployment, and SQL Server.

Scott Zuke
Core Services Group, LLC
[email protected]