Service orders, Line of Business


Hi All,
We are implementing one world xe and are running into a few concerns that I hope somebody may have encountered. They are as follows;
1) Service orders do not look to line of business for pricing. We are setting up pricing by line of business, however the service order only goes to the '00000' default company. This won't work for us.
2) Any line of business information does not appear in the service module. Is there any possibility of getting it to look at line of business?
3) Service module has no credit checking. We initially were going to use flash messages, however the flash message must appear on the '00000' default company for the service order to pick up on, not the line of business.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Jim Rogerson


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We are having the same problems with line of business with service order.
Matter of fact, I just opened a call about that with JDE.

As for credit checking, we are having an enhancement done.

It would be interested if you find any solutions to these issues.