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Service Engineer Inventory Management


Hi lIst,

I am investigating possible options for configuring JDE to allow us to
manage service engineer van stock.

The requirement includes inventory management of each van with possible
automatic reordering of material based on predefined stocking levels

Is anybody using JDE in a similar capacity?

any information anyone can provide would be very useful

we are running A7.3 cum 11

Thanks in advance

Simon Benge

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We are giving the individual service vans their own business unit however if
you just need inventory control you may want to assign them a seperate
location within a business unit and run your MRP, DRP or reorder generation
on just those locations.

Dennis Grey
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Wajax Limited - WIN Project
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Mike Dupaix

VIP Member

Your only real option is to set each van as a separate branch. Location would be optimal and would require the least amount of setup, but reorder and safety stock quantities are stored at the branch level (F4102) not the location level (F41021).

Mike Dupaix
JDE Certified Professional
(630) 904-5373 - Office/Fax
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We are doing this for a client right now. If you want specific details
e-mail me directly. If you feel the info is worth while, then you can post
to the list. I just don't want to bog everyone else down with details unless
they want to know.


Tom Messer - Vice President
Terillium, Inc.
JDE Business Partner
513.621.9500 Office
678.428.1341 Cell / VM
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