Server to Server communication (JDENET?)


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I have a fairly generic question: is it possible to have JDE communicate with another server by defining the IP-Port? The server I need to communicate with is NOT a JDE server, rather it will be running a windows service that will respond to the request and perform other actions.

If so, can you help me by referencing some examples or other documentation on how to do this?



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Theoretically yes, although probably NOT with any type of JDENET calls if this is a NON JDE server and you simple want to open a socket connection. It really probably depends on the nature of the service on the non-jde server that you are trying to call. In general, if I was trying to do something like this I would probably do this with a consumer BSSV. You will have a lot more libraries/tools etc. to open a socket connection in Java. There are several ways you could go about doing this with a C BSFN as well, but just of the top of my head I would think it would be easier in Java.