Server Package Build Question


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On occasion, we have come across a business function or object that
displays successful on the server and client update package, they work
successfully on client but does not work on server, in order for the server
to work we had to build a full package to resolve this problem.

Developers suggestion to this issue is as follows:

My thoughts are that the client package updates work, but the server
package updates do not. (On very rare occasion it does not work)

In order to keep them in sync, we can use package updates for the client,
and need to do full server package.

Not so?

Basically, he would like me to build a full server packages weekly and not
a full client package, since the problem is consistently happening on the
server and not the client side. My reply back was as follow:

Server packages take about 6 hours to build and 45 minutes to deploy to the
server. My understanding from the JDELIST and Brent is that you want to
keep your client and server packages in sync as much as possible, if not,
the specs could get corrupt. If we begin to build full server packages and
not full client packages, I am afraid of the problems we could have after
two weeks of production time with differences in specs on server from the
client. We could try this and see what happens, but I feel it's to risky.

Maybe I am wrong with my thoughts on this problem, maybe his suggestion
could work and has been working for other customers. I just have not heard
of building full server packages one week and in the next weeks building a
client package, maybe it's just so routine for me for years to build them
together and not on separate weeks???? Any suggestions would be
appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Sounds nasty... strange for the almighty bullet proof 400.
I assume you are up to date with ptf's and cum's.
You could double check each package deployment to be sure everything went
through fine. Check the ifs date/time was updated, check the library built
with no errors in the log file/mbr, and so on.
You could also try running restarting OneWorld services on the 400 prior to
deploying each package.
Tell your developers to stick to what they know.


Check the contents of the package library on the AS/400 and then make sure
the modules and Service pgms in the Pathcode library are all actually
replaced after the pkg is deployed. There was a "one off" to correct a
deployment issue on SP15 which we had to load twice on the Deployment server
in order to get it to work. I have seen it continue to fail when doing the
deployment to the AS/400 from a client machine.

Keith Anderson
B7332 SP15 AS/400 CO-SQL/NT WTS