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Server O/S and SQL upgrade for E1 8.10


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Hello all

We are currently on E1 8.10 Tools Release For the past 4 years our E1 implementation has stood still as we are trying to implement a new erp system accross our organisation.

Our Deployment Server is running Windows 2000, our main Ent Server is running Windows server 2003, with SQL server 2005.

Basically we are on the highest level OS and SQL (apart from the Dep server) that we can be on acording to the MTR docs for 8.10.

All servers are virtual, apart from the Enterprise Server which is a physical cluster (2 nodes).

Now my question...

It has been proposed that if possible we upgrade our O/S and SQL for all our 2003 and below servers to 2012. Primary reason being that we stay current with MS patches etc.

So before we embark on this project and I spend a bunch of time writing test strategies and setting up servers etc I would like to know if anybody else has done this and if so were there any major issues or gotchas? For instance will the E1 8.10 services even start correctly on a 2012 server?

If the idea is a complete non starter we will just have to virtualilse the last physical Enterprise server and leave it at that!

Many thanks in advance for any help on this.