Server Manager - Unable to find the required Server manager Agent Installer Bundle


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I'm rebuilding a webserver for our 9.1 JDE system. In the process I need to install the Management Agent on the server, so Server Manager can talk to the new server. When I go to "Management Agents" in Server Manager, I expected to see the "Windows" hyperlink so I could download the file. However, I have this message:

"Unable to find the required Server Manager Agent Installer Bundle."

I've found a on the drive, but it is for 9.1.3 and we are on All my other agents on other servers are up to date on and I upgraded them by clicking "Update" on them from within the Server Manager. Any ideas how I can fix this message or where to obtain the ? I can't find a download for just the Management Agent on the Oracle e-delivery.

Making some progress. I installed Server Manager on another computer and copied the agentPackage7.jar from the new install into the jde_home\componants folder and the Agents are showing up to download now. However, when I click on windows it redirects me to another webpage saying "webpage cannot be found". I look forward to any advice.
The last error went away on its own and I was able to get the . Perhaps after a server reboot. I guess we can say I resolved this issue.