Server Manager time stamps showing 4 hours ahead of log files


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When logging into Server Manger I can see that the time stamps (last updated for example) and process graphs are showing 4 hours ahead of what the actual time is. If you go into any of the logs the timestamps are correct. I have checked the local time on the Deployment server and web servers and they show as the correct time. Issue is not related to DST as the time difference is too large. I have checked the Java version of the Deployment server (where SVM is installed) \\jde_home\jdk\bin and it is 1.5.0_08. The java version on one of the web servers is 1.5.0_05. This is a small change but is this significant enough to cause Server Manger to be 4 hours out on it's time stamps when the log file contents have the correct time, or is there something else I'm missing?

Can you please give me any advice on what might be wrong?

Java versions have caused my log file time stamps to show GMT instead of your local time zone. Can you upgrade the Java version to the latest Java 6 version and see if that fixes it?
Hi Steve,

thanks for the feedback, I don't know if my customer is planning to do an upgrade but this seems good advice, I will pass this on to them and let them decide what they want to do, its not causing them issues more of an inconvenience.