Server Manager agent unable to connect to WebLogic admin server


I am trying to register Oracle WebLogic 12c in Server Manager, and it works fine on some servers, and on others, it is failing. When I look at the e1agent log files, I see the error:

Failed to create the secure files.

I have enabled debug to get the commands that are being run, and I am able to run the commands manually and the secure files get created, but for whatever reason when the agent tries to connect to WebLogic using T3, it fails. I can run the t3 commands manually and it connects fine.

Has anyone seen an issue like this before??



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I would check and see if you have a firewall running which may be blocking communications. We had that with several of our Weblogic servers running Win2008 R2 and higher.


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I had this problem too. Verify that you have the same JDK on the agent as on SMC and as on your web server. That fixed the problem for me.


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Hi JDEl6654,

I am too facing the same issue. SM agent not appearing in SMconsole. Machines are pingable. Edited host files with IP and domain. None of these steps helps.
SM agent Software downloaded from SM. It means both console and agent have same JDK versions right?


I figured out the issue.

Due to errors I was seeing in the WebLogic NodeManager logs (we are running 12c), I had updated the file located in the oracle_common\common\nodemanager folder. I pointed the DomainsFile parameter to the location of the actual file. This caused the errors in the logs to go away. However, it cause the Server Manager agent connection to the WebLogic AdminConsole to fail. Once i changed this back to what it was originally set to, the Server Manager agent was able to connect without issue.