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server job to printer automatically


Is there any way by which a job that is fired for processing into the
server (like a GLpost ) gets processed there and after completing
automatically starts a print job on a local OW printer?
If anyone has done that or any inputs please let me know..
thanks in advance..
(OWXe SP14.1 on Oracle 8 with WindowsNT clients-line printer attached and
defined in OW)


If you are using RUNUBE and you don't want all your jobs to use your
PRINTIMMEDIATE setting in your server INI file, we have had success putting
a "copy" of the INI file (less sensitive user and passwords) with
PrintImmediate turned on, in another library, and putting this library ahead
of the system library (B733xSYS) in the library list. This seems to work
for us.

Keith Anderson

B7332 SP15, AS/400 V4R5; CO on SQL/NT ; WTS