Serial Numbers


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We Use serial numbers for specific product and the S/N will be registering during the ship confirm. once in while we get
this machine back for service so we have to do a credit to remove the link from S/N registration to be able to ship back to Same customer or different customer.
We do give this machine for free since we selling the materials for customer. so every time when they ask for service we replace with another machine.

So returns we do in specific way through RMA process with the case management P17500. some how we have few returns didn't get updated correctly in the past during the returns(still attach old SO in F4220)
and since they want to ship back they have renamed S/N in old record in F4220. So we have few records like that and it's coming in some of the reports as registered S/N with the customer information eventhough these are
not Legit S/N. Now we have some procedures in place to avoid this happening and since the management to get ridoff the renamed S/N from the system I was thinking to delete from F4220 table.

But I would like to know if there is any rippleeffect from this. Would that be ok to just delete in F4220?


JDE E1 8.11
As long as the order number is blank, P4220 would permit it appears no impact anywhere else.
Hi Aaro,
Thanks for the reply. Problem here is the order number is not blank. Like I ssaid they haven't processed the return corectly to get order number blank. So what they done was renamed the S/N(Added tag to end) with the old order number and then shipped with new order number after sercied the machine.

So this re-named S/N are the problem and these are the ones I have to delete.

Hi All,
After checking for any possible foriegn key values I have deleted the re-named records from F4220 and didn't face any problem for few weeks. Just wanted to share the results.