Serial Number Tracking


I need to be able to manually input a serial number in S.O. Entry for a Manufactured item that is not yet Manufactured. The Sales Order line type is "W" and will create the work order for the part. My problem is I need the serial number to transfer to the work order and all work orders created from that parent work order. I realize that I can input a serial number into S.O. entry but it first must be created as a lot and then when it ships it asks for a serial number again. Any suggestions?


If you have Configuration Management available to you, you might be able to use it for your serial number tracking. Unfortunately, I don't have a system available to test this with, but if you have configurator and would like to give me a call at (302) 492-3524, I'd be glad to talk with you further about it. You've piqued my curiosity.

Good luck!

Susan A. Vowels
SAV Solutions, LLC
(302) 492-3524