Serial Number Generation/Work Order Closing based on reporting ofconsumption

Dear JDE users,

Sorry for disturbing you with some of our issues but you might like to
think these over and write your experiences

Is there a way (may be some batch program) to generate Serial Numbers for a
batch of WO not one by one. Currently we know just about manual entry mode:
fill in WO header, press "OK", working with manufacturing work orders
select Serial Numbers, then revision then Generate Serial Numbers - it is a
long way taking a lot of time - I am wondering if there is some way just to
prepare headers then run some batch program for selected WO and SN will be

Another question is it possible to switch on somehow "Consumption on Line"
possibility meaning that we report completion of one of the operations (in
our case tack weld), which is not the final one and then to allow the
system to close the work order automatically (child work order) based on
reporting of consumption operation (backflush operation) of a parent work

Thank you for taking your time to drop a line on these questions?

Oleg Kozlovsky
ERP Project Manager
Caterpillar Tosno

Timur Chulinin

Financial systems administrator
Caterpillar Tosno, Russia

Xe on NT/SQL