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Separate out one branch plant into multiple branch plants (at least three)

Hello All,
We're looking to separate out one branch plant into multiple branch plants (at least three of them). What are the steps that would need to be carried out.
Please advise, thanks


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Simplified answer. just
1. Create/configure the new branch/plants + business units + accounts (if you have accounts by BU) etc, just like you have done for the existing branch
2. Create item/branch records in the new branches
3. Transfer the inventory from the old branch to new branch(es) using IT document type

depending on your setup, there may be some AAIs and flexible accounting rules that need to be revised + advanced pricing and preferences setup. Your issue description is not really adequate to give a meaningful answer except steps 1-3
Do you also have different companies involved? Or need to migrate historical transactions to the new branches? (in which case things get more complicated)

Also, if the physical warehouse is still the same and you use actual physical locations as your branch/plant locations, things can get messy because the same physical location should not be defined in more than one branch if you want to do any kind of location control or manage the physical locations/ownership. I this case you would need to reserve location ranges for each of the branches which will make your warehouse less effective from the location utilization perspective

Hope this helps
Thank you Aarto, this certainly helps. The branch plants (original and the new ones) are all under the same company. We do need to migrate historical transactions to the new branches


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Two more things to consider:
1. Do you want to change the branch plant field on your address book records?
2. Do some users want to change their default branch plant in P400951?