sepa-xml file


We are investigating the SEPA payments. We set up our banks and R744002 but the batch doesn't generate the XML bank transit file.
The K74PATH is cleared
Any suggestions would be more appreciated
i have the same problem. I tried generate file on Fat Client, set XML path C:\<dir_name>, where JDE user has read/write permissions, but no XML file. In PDF report there is no error reported. What i did:

1) Set bank company and supplier bank accounts as SEPA
2) Set P744002 into UDC 04/PP
3) set P744002 as payment program, version ZJDE0001 in aplication P04571 (W04571C formular...controls) for the payment group i want to export to XML
4) redirect R04571 and R744002 on LOCAL
5) set proper PO's SEPA XML path code

result - payment group is in next status UPD, but no file.

is something i forgot to set?


Maybe you can generate a debug log and check if the file is generated or any records selected?.
Hello Jan1984,
Try this issue
Set P704001 into UDC 04/PP
set P704001 as payment program, version ZJDE0002 in aplication P04571 (W04571C formular...controls) for the payment group
Set the process option of R704001
Redirect P04571-Menu ligne Write