E8.1 Send Message Extended using "PSFT System" <PSFT_System@oracle.com> email


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We are using workflow to send monthly payment information to employees. The workflow could not send email to some employees, and I am unable to work over it. As an alternative I have used the same function used in workflow (which is Send Message Extended ) to send the email directly from the report.

Now, everything works as expected.
But when I run the code from workflow, it usually sends mail from PSFT_System@oracle.com. When I execute the same function from the report directly, the from address is the email address of the user who logged into the system, which we don't suggest.

So how can I run the function from report with from address is set to PSFT_System@oracle.com. One way is to delete email address of the logged in user ( but it is not good always).


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The Workflow kernel gets its "from address" from the JDE.INI. As you have discovered that system function fetches the email address of the user when run from a UBE.

I suggest you have a look at existing email business functions such as the HR Mail Merge function where you can specify a sender or alternatively create your own email BSFN that uses the underlying JDE_SendEmailSMTPExt API call. This allows you to specify all sorts of things including the sender.

See this support document:

E1: BSFN: Documentation on JDE_SendEMailSMTPExt API (Doc ID 652119.1)​