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Hi List,
We will be going live with OneWorldXe later this summer. One of the (many) questions we have come upon is how we can send a .csv report to an external directory. We are using a labeling system called Loftware, when you "drop" a .csv file into a directory that Loftware is monitoring it will print the information on a label.
I can't use the Database Output because I need all of the information from the report included in the file. ( I create column headers that are the names of the fields the label has and looks for.)
I also tried changing the jde.ini so that it creates a different output directory, however it creates another directory called PrintQueue which I don't want. Loftware has a specific directory it monitors.
Any ideas?
TIA for any help.

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Hi Ken,
Was you able to send this type of outputs into a different folder than the other UBE outputs? If yes then I have a maybe a bit complicated hint for you. If not then maybe also (I figured out it when I was going to write the end of this reply)

1.) Call UBE (A) synchronously from an other UBE (B)
2.) Clear all files under the output folder using BSFN calls before you call A from B.
2.) After A returned, copy the single file in your output folder to the desired location using BSFN calls.
3.) If you want an archive copy of it then copy it to an archive folder too.
4.) Delete the file in your output folder.

Maybe you can use the B4700230 Delete Or Copy Flat File BSFN for file copies and deletions or you can create your own.
You do not have to figure out the correct filename (mainly the ID tail of it) of your output because your output will be single file in the folder, so you can operate with wild-card characters (e.g. RXXXXyyy_ZAAAnnn_*, RXXXXyyy_* or simply *)

Hopefully the mentioned BSFN accepts wild-cards in the filename.

If you use the "RXXXXyyy_ZAAAnnn_*" or "RXXXXyyy_*" wild-card combination then you can handle the outputs separately for UBE/Versions or just for UBEs, so in this case you do not have to send your output into a separate folder.

You can read more about how to communicate with "B4700230 Delete Or Copy Flat File" BSFN in the archive on the Forum.

Please, share your results on the Forum/List! Thanks.

Good luck
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Thanks Zoltan
If this works I'll let you know.
I was also given the suggestion of creating a bat file to copy the files to the needed directory. If all else fails I'll do that. But I'd rather try it from within JDE if at all possible.

OneWorldXe B7333 SP13
Windows NT, AS400