Self service applications for world


Have any of you ordered or are thinking of ordering the self service applications for world from JDE?

I am curious as to how they are working or if you think it is something to look into.



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Just started looking into the Employee Self-Service. I have a requirement
to interface a web form back into the new Applicant data base in JDE and I'm
hoping that part of the self service will do that. Failing that, I have an
HR department that wants to try and do some of what JDE says this module
will do, so I'll probably demo it within a couple of months. I was quoted
$22,100 for the module, $380 per seat, and an estimated install of 2-3

We currently don't have plans to look at any of the other self-service
modules at this time.

Douglas Belcher
KV Pharmaceutical Inc.
St. Louis MO
Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my employer

Doug Belcher
St Louis MO
Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my employer


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We would probably be using it now if our budget allowed. Maybe next budget
period. It does fit our functional needs with named users. We don't want
anonymous users, so it would work well.


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We have purchased the CRM/fulfillment self service package. I have installed it and it is working in demo/beta form. I am going to attend the Seagull GUI training in a couple of weeks. That should allow me to modify the package, i.e. make the pages look like our company site, etc. The product seems to function as advertised. It finds our data, the security seems to work pretty well, etc. Our only issue is creating a catalog of our items. According to JDE, the catalog can be built with our data, (duh!) but we modify/expand/change our item master frequently, and it looks like the ongoing modifications to the catalog would be a real maintenance headache. I have spoken with John Schiff of JDE and he tells me that is something they are very aware of and are working on making much simpler in the next release.

Note: They also quoted me 2-3 weeks of implementation time - I chose not to do that and just followed their write-up. At the time, their write-up left a little to be desired, (in fact, it was pretty lame) but they have rewritten it, (I even got a chance to edit it for them) and I think it will flow a lot better. I'm not really sure what their implementation would have accomplished - maybe they would have modified all the pages, etc., but I still wouldn't have that knowledge in house.

David Bryant
Maxco Supply, Inc.