I am hoping that someone would be able to tell me how to fill in the select structure. I have figured out what the structure is made up of and what enum values are valid, but besides that I do not have any documentation as to how to make use of it and how to set it up.

I want to get results from F5612071 table. The select is
select deaa05, demcu, deev01
from F5612071
where demcu = 'value' and
deev01 = 'value'

This will return couple of rows which I want to itereate through.

Thanks in Advance



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Hi Jay,

This is how you do your select:
CostCenter = value
EverestPoint01 = value
aa05 -> Variable1
While SV File IO Status is equal to CO SUCCESS
//Do whatever you need to do with the record
aa05 -> Variable1
End While

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Hi Jay,

It isn't clear what is your problem really (at least for me). Could you de[censored] it a bit more detailed.

On the other hand, it seems so that your F5612071 table is a custom one of yours which does not known for us on the List/Forum. Further what do you mean "enum values".

Please, help us to help you.


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I meant by declaring a SELECTSTRUCT variable when used within a business function.

I did go through couple of other business functions, and found how one could set up a where clause but there was one thing that I noticed and that was the DBREF item2 was not populated and the values were set to " ".

Is item2 for some future use or something else ???


Jay Singh