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Selecting LIKE records from F4101

Boris G

Well Known Member
Dear list,

I'm trying to select multiple records from the F4101 file based on a BASE Item. For example, if the Base Item is 'EC2C', the F4101 could have 'EC2C1', 'EC2C2', etc.

I thought that the following code would do it but it doesn't work, returning File_IO_Status = 'CO ERROR'

VA sec_Base_Item_LITM is Like TK 2nd Item Number
F4101.Fetch Next
VA sec_Short_Item_ITM <- TK Item Number - Short
VA sec_Identifier2ndItem_LITM <- TK 2nd Item Number
While SV File_IO_Status is equal to CO SUCCESS

How do I get a set of Items based on a subset?

JDE OneWorld B7332 SP10
Hi Boris,

if you go into the jdedebug.log I will probably see that the LIKE command
does not work, it creates a normal sec_Base_Item_LITM is = TK 2nd Item
Number. I solved the problem in the following way. I padded a % on both
sides of the variable. In your case ì2C% and then I use the variable in my
select statement. I was working on B7331, sp(cannot remember) OS WinNT, SQL

Hope this will help you, Greetings.

Lars Jorgensen
XE sp15, AS400


Well Known Member
Hi Boris,

I've never had much luck adding %'s though I see Lars has got this to work, maybe I should have another go. The (not very nice) way I've got round this in the past is to set data selection >= 'EC2C' and <= 'EC2CZZZZZ' or whatever would meet the needs.



OW B733.2, SP 11.1
Sun Solaris/UNIX