Seeking MRP advice


Hi All,

I have the following MRP scenario I'm struggling with.

Back Orders / Open Orders and Marketing forecast. Then I have a weekly capacity – is it possible for me to stop MRP from suggesting more per week than the capacity per week. ( I also have MOQ’s on the line runs during the week too).

Any ideas will be appreciated – thank you!!

(8.11 SP1)
Hi Lally421

Unfortunately MRP is not capacity constrained. Therefore it will suggest that you manufacture the qty needed to satisfy the demand irrespective of the capacity available.
You can enter a maximum order qty that equals either your daily or week capacity. MPS/MRP will then create multiple orders when you exceed this daily or weekly capacity. For example: If you enter daily capacity and you receive more than five work order messages for the week you know you have exceeded your capacity ( similarly if you enter weekly capacity as max order qty and you receive more than one order for the week.) The planner can then make a decision on other means to fulfill the extra demand (overtime, extra shift or outsource if theses options are possible) or liaise with the sales staff to try to move the demand to another period or product!! Not a great solution but without going to the Advanced planning Modules there are not a lot of options.
MRP is unconstrained planning, it will plan work orders to meet your customer and forecast demand. It does not look at your capacity.
JDE Capacity Planning will highlight if a work centre is over / under capacity based on both firm and planned work orders.
You then have to reschedule these planned orders or adjust capacity to meet the demand.
How is your forecast loaded, is this weekly or monthly - if monthly then JDE MRP will plan to meet the full forecast demand by the request date (for the full months demand)
You may be better loading a weekly forecast and setting the Planning Fence Rule so that Customer orders consume the forecast.

Regards - Vic Clarke