See ya !


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Hi friends,
I could not figure out where to post this note so please don't flame me for being off topic. My company, besides shrinking badly over the past three years, has gotten tired of all the problems and costs associated One World and have decided to drop it.
I wanted to say thanks for all the fun, information and help I received from everyone. Some friends and experts that come to mind are Adrian, Mike D., Owguru, Eric, the infamous Altquark (;-)), Richard, Doug, Scott, Jack and Larry.....and of course, the Master, Zoltan !
There is not a great One World penetration in the Detroit area so I am pursuing employment in a different area. I wish all of you the BEST ! And keep sharing all of that knowledge. It means so much to those that receive it !


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Bye Dave (at last we find out your name!)

We'll miss your posts and insights.

Larry Jones
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Hi Our Old Friend, Enthusiast Dave,

/// PRE: List/Forum, excuse me this maybe off-topic and a bit personal mail. Thanks. ///

I have just sent you a Private Message after I was glad to see You again on the Who's Online panel after a month.
Now, I am not so glad to read your post here.

Let me add an other name to your list: + our great adviser Enthusiast Dave.
I have read your post always with pleasure.

Please, check sometimes the Forum in the future too and DO NOT unsubscribe!

Read you again (sooner is better) here!

P.S.: Keep smiling! ... waiting for you to get back again.

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David, please don't go! We had a lot of fun :(
Attached are some JDE Jobs sites; hope they'll keep you on this list.
CU soon with another cartoon

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Hey Headhunters,
Are you listening? Here is generous prey! Now is an open season in Detroit area but shooting is allowed only with the best OneWorld offers.

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(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)
Good luck Dave, Just because you change jobs does not mean you can stay
part of the list, use hotmail and just change your address.

I'm sorry to see you go. Good luck to your (former) company and especially good luck in your search. Let us know where you end up!

Mike Dupaix
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I am very curious as to what system your company has elected to replace JDE
with. I appreciate your time in replying.

Michael Marino
Thanks for your contributions. I'm sure that you can find a JDE job if you really want one. Don't be a stranger!

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Re: RE: See ya !

My company has decided to go back to a mainframe green screen system they had before they decided to switch to One World. It's a lot less expensive in a few different ways.
They don't have to replace the two main servers they have (we were WAY undersold during the initial install) and they don't have to pay to have someone do it. I always felt that the conversion from B732.1 to XE should be done by someone who did it for a living so perhaps I contributed to my own demise.
Oh, and of course, they will not have to pay me anymore.
On the other hand, they will lose significant functionality but this does not seem to be a major concern.

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I am sure you are right but I cannot wait around. As all who read this list I have a house payment to make. And as most on this list, when I make a commitment to an employer I think that is a serious commitment to the new employer.
I cannot thank you enough for sponsoring this list. It has brought me invaluable information on many, many occasions. I am still not sure what you get out of it but that doesn't matter. You do a great service here !
Take care,
ps: you still need a "post it" from the spell check screen ;-)

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Re: re: See ya !

You are still the financial master of all on the list....loved reading your posts. Take care (and I'll keep you on my joke list).

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Sorry to see you leave. Hope things are going to get on track - I am positive that you'll easily find another JDE customer out there with your experience - maybe you'll give me a call ?

It's been fun - hopefully we'll see your notes in the forum again...

AltQuark :)

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Can I have your Enthusiast status? It takes so long to type out 200 of these messages.

Gonna miss you, Dave

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