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Security Setup

Hi List, I have a bit of a newbie type question here.
Firstly - I am running B7332 SP14.1 on a Sun e450 Oracle 8.1.6
The problem I have is that I am trying to set up security at the moment. I
have been asked to restrict a certain user group from accessing portions of
the F0006 to sort of impose Business Unit Security (As far as I can work
out, Business unit security is a World concept that doesn't directly
translate to OneWorld)
From what I am reading, first I need to do Work with DD Items - but then it
asks for Data item....there are 11000 up to the letter F....
What I want to do is to block off entire rows of data that arent relevant to
the individuals
Any suggestions of how this achieved (or more to the point...the simple step
I have missed)

Many Thanks

Ken Newman
JDE CNC Technical Support
Spectrasite Transco Communications Ltd
0777 902 8804
> * ken.newman@sstuk.com

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Oh sorry please ignore this. Its amazing how you can come up with another
line of thought as soon as you open your mouth.
I found the data item (MCU) that I was after

Kind regards