E8.12 Security on form field: Multiple fields with same alias, User ID v/s Role



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I applied column security to disable Buyer field in P4310 application, version B01.

1. Alias of the Buyer field is ALKY. But the form is also having some other fields with the same alias ( Supplier number, Ship To number). When I applied security on ALKY, all the three fields are disabled. So how can I distinguish the Buyer with the other fields ?

2. We apply a rule while using security: We usually apply on the roles instead of users ids. If I apply on role level, there will no task views to show when the user select this role. So is it fair to apply this simple security on user level instead of role level

To address your two items:

1) The buyer field in the F4301 PO Header table is PHANBY and it is stored as an address book number. When you hit F1 on that field it says the field alias is ALKY but that actually refers to the long address ID (ABALKY) in the matching address book record in the F0101 table.
The data dictionary definition for ANBY is BuyerNumber, so you would put your column security against that. That buyer number also exists in the PO detail file (F4311) as field=PDANBY so you may need to apply it in both places.

2) Technically you certainly can put security against an individual user ID but I strongly advise against it. In the early days we made that mistake and regretted it - it's too hard to keep track of. I believe your concern is that you were planning on creating a specific role for this security and only assigning it to a limited number of users. If that were their only role and you hadn't assigned any other permissions to them it would be a problem. However, you should be able to assign more than one role, including at least one that has their desired permissions as well as another with the column security. This is assuming they could use *ALL when they login to make all their roles effective. You will however have to mind the sequence of their roles as that determines which role overrides in the event of a conflict.