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Security Kernel: "Error: invalid PID passed in" messages - what are they?


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Hi all,
i keep getting those in security kernel logs:
22996/98236    Tue Dec 10 12:50:44.270000        IPCMISC.C357
API ipcSawValidateProcID : Error: invalid PID passed in
MOS is no help here, the exact term pops up in one FAQ article (see screenshot) but is never to be found once you click on it.
2019-12-18 07_56_47-Window.jpg
Other searches with only a part of the message lead nowhere so far.

Any ideas?
E900 with on Windows servers.
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I kind of answered it for myself. There's no real solution needed as it doesn't affect the functionality at all, it just spams the log. I found this under one very special setup only. Let's say there's one main enterprise server which is also the security server, let's call him ENT01. Then there's a websphere cluster with two servers and 4 cluster members each, let's call them WEB1 and WEB2. Those web servers also have an enterprise server installed. Each of the web servers has a hosts entry that for themselbes, they're ENT1. So they will use their own security server, rather than the 'real' ENT1. This seems to be the reason for the ipcsawvalidateprocid log warnings. They only pop up on WEB1, WEB2 and so on, never on ENT1. I didn't do the setup on this environment but i can imagine it was meant for high availibility, as every server can become each other and is interchangable.