Security issues For MultiSite Imlementation


Hello List,

I have a question that is quite general in nature.We are planning a roll out
in a different country that has similar business processes and there fore
uses the same items.We plan to use a common database for the Item
Master.Both sites will access the same table for Item Master , but we want
to set up security in such a way that either of the two sites can see only
item master records that pertain to them.We would not want either of the
sites to view/modify records that do not pertain to them.I am sure some of
you may have had to face a similar situation in the past.
Would any one be willing to share insights /experiences?




If you are planning to use the same item codes and use different branch
/plants (maybe a range) for each country, then you may try using 'row'

If you are planning to use the same item codes and different branch / plants
(maybe a range) for each country, you may try 'row' security based on branch
/ plants' range. If you plan to create different stock codes for each
country for the same item, you may use other fields in the item master to
differentiate the countries and apply 'row' security based on this field
based on user groups. Ie. Sales category codes..

We practise both.

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