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security history check for end users login and logout

Dear Experts

one of our user did changes in the data in JDE,we need to find out who is the user, we check in F9312 table its is not showing any details. is there any way to check ?? <font color="red"> </font>


Legendary Poster
The F9312 only shows user history for login/logout providing the security server JDE.INI has HISTORY=TRUE turned on.

Otherwise, it sounds like you need to identify what user specifically made changes in certain tables - and for that, you can either check the audit fields for those tables (for example, the F42199 has information or the F0911 has information which includes the user ID) - or if its a batch process, you need to cross reference that with the date field and the PID in the F986110 to get the user ID.

JDE doesn't always give you everything though. Thats why CFR 21 part 11 exists - as well as other auditing software like AllOut !