Secured Users


We have a procedure for disabling user accounts which includes the removal of the user as an Approved By User in Batch Security - Batch Approval / Post Security Constants (P00241). However, we are having a debate regarding the Secured User side of this process.

We have the Batch Review Security option checked, allowing Approved By Users to only see batches for the Secured Users to which they have been assigned.

My question is this:

When you disable or inactivate a user account, do you:

1) Remove the user as a Secured User, preventing all users from seeing that user's batches; or

2) Leave the user as a Secured User, allowing the respective Approved By Users the ability to easily view the user's batches?


E1 9.1
Hey, Jared.

We leave them as is (#2). That way if the user still has batches out there that have not been posted, they can be taken care of.